A New Normal Means New Forms Of Community

Please join us for any number of our new online groups, worship services and community gatherings!

How to Join us on Zoom

To join us on Zoom, go to the Zoom Webpage: https://zoom.us/ and click "Join Meeting".

After clicking “Join Meeting” on the Zoom website, enter the correct meeting number and follow the prompted steps to join the meeting.

These are all the meeting numbers you will need to join Zoom Meetings. 

Meeting NameMeeting NumberMeeting Time
After Church Community Catch Up   915 592 563  Sunday at 11.00am
A Cup of Tea With the Vicar       122 741 724        Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11.00am
ChitChat with Bridie   209 544 701    By Request
Children,Youth, Family Group                  245 051 323     Thursday at 6.00pm

Online Worship Services

Sunday Worship

Please join us for our Sunday Morning Worship by watching the online service posted at 8.00am on Sunday Mornings. These services can be watched at any time.  At 11.00am on Zoom we host a community cuppa. 

The Meeting ID for our 11.00am Sunday Zoom community chat is 915 592 563.

Morning and Midday Prayer

8.00am Monday-Friday join us on Facebook for a livestreamed Morning Prayer led by Rev'd Cameron or Rev'd Megan. 

12.00pm Monday -Friday join us on Facebook for a livestreamed Midday Prayer led by Rev'd Cameron or Rev'd Megan. 

Our Facebook page can be found here

Both services follow the Lectionary and use the ANZPB. An online version of the Lectionary can be found here and a version on the Prayer Book can be found here

Online Groups

Bible Study

Mondays 3.30pm-5.30pm

Our current series focuses on Mental Health Challenges. This is a small group, primarily for women aged 15-25. Email boyd.bridie@gmail.com for more information on joining. Please note, if we get increased numbers, or interest from those outside the current age/gender suggestions, we will form another group at a different time following the same material. 

Children, Youth and Family Group

Thursdays 6.00pm-9.00pm

This is a group for everyone to gather and have fun! Everyone gets together frmo 6.00pm-7.30pm for games, quizzes and prayer. At 7.30pm, parents and children under 13 head away and all those older stay for some study, some more games and a contemplative finish.

We meet together to play games ike Drawful 2, Categories, and Pictionary. We talk about everything under the sun from lockdown, to books, movies, crazy ideas, faith, God and much more. Then we finish with Night Prayer. During the week, we also run crazy online escapades to help entertain us during the lockdown period. 

To join us go to to Zoom, click "Join a Meeting" and enter the Meeting Number 245 051 323. Follows the prompts on screen to join the meeting.

We will start at 6.00pm

Community Check In

During these strange and challenging times, we are here to provide support, comfort and fellowship

Cuppa Tea with the Vicar

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11.00am

Join Rev'd Megan on Zoom for some support and prayer during these uncertain times. Find fellowship and faith in an online supportive group.

To join us go to to Zoom, click "Join a Meeting" and enter the Meeting Number 122 741 724. Follows the prompts on screen to join the meeting.

ChitChats with Bridie

By Request

Join our Youth Minister, Bridie Boyd. Turn up in comfy clothes, with a cup of tea, and maybe with a biscuit for a general chat about all things to do with Lockdown. From what takeout we are craving, to how to find space in house full of people, to the wonderful new projects people are starting in these strange days, we cover everything! Email Bridie at boyd.bridie@gmail.com to sort out a good time for a cuppa together!

This is suitable for all ages, including children and youth. Come and find some intergenerational support!

To join us go to to Zoom, click "Join a Meeting" and enter the Meeting Number 209 544 701. Follows the prompts on screen to join the meeting.


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