Children's Church at Home 22/03/2020

Bridie Boyd

Keeping up our Children's Faith Journey

We might not be able to meet together... ut we can still make sure our children continue to learn about Christ and the Christian Faith!

Thanks to Illustrated Ministry, each week I will be uploading a lesson and resources for children do to at home when they cannot come to Church. They are suitable for all ages, but little ones might need more help and older ones might need a more advanced activity alongside it. 

What might Children's Church at home look like?

It is wise to agree on ground rules first, such as no talking when others are talking, sitting comfortably and calmy and that children need to be listening. Remember to allow space for their questions.

You might need to explain that what you are doing is instead of going to Church, but needs the same respect and attention as Church. Explain that they can go back to their other activities only once Children's Church is done. It might be good to create a space that you set up to indicate when they need to be in 'Church mode'. This could include asing them to sit on a cushion on the floor, not a couch, and then lighting a candle and saying the Lord's Prayer together to indicate that Church is starting. 

While things might be shutting down around us, it is still important to go out and experience creation! Use this as an opportunity to send children into the garden to choose one thing that reminds them of God, Jesus, or faith, and then ask each child to explain their choice. 

To transition them to thinking and stilness, play a few rounds of hangman using words that will come up in the lesson. 

When they are calmer, begin with the lesson. Once the lesson is done, and all questions answered, move on to the activites. 

Finish with a piece of fruit and glass of water together, and then saying the Lord's Prayer again to indicate that Children's Church is over!


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