Baptism (sometimes called a christening) is a service where the parents and godparents make a Christian commitment on behalf of the child when an infant, or, when older, on behalf of themselves. Baptism is a service where the person who is baptised, is brought to Jesus Christ, and made a member of Christ’s Church. It is a new start to life in which the baptised person is accepted and sealed by God with the Holy Spirit to represent Christ to the world. As a response to the baptism which God gives us, we and the candidates declare our faith and intention to serve Christ, and ask for God’s continuing grace to support us in the task to which we are called. When a baptism is of a baby or a child, the baptised receives the love and shared faith of the family to grow-up with Christ; through prayer and fellowship within the body of Christ God will strengthen and nourish them.

This service normally takes place during the normal service on a Sunday morning. This occurs because baptism is about belonging to the church family and it is nice for the church family to be present to welcome the newly baptised. On occasion the baptism service can take place outside of a standard Church service. It is an incredible privilege to welcome young and old alike into the Church through baptism. There is absolutely no charge for this. If you're thinking of baptism, please contact us.


All of us at All Souls would like to congratulate you on your engagement! We would love to host you as you celebrate your marriage. Our beautiful new Church is available for hire with spectacular bright spaces and great facilities to accommodate your  needs. Our clergy are able to officiate for you, subject to their availability. We also allow ordained ministers / pastors of other
Christian faiths to officiate, within Anglican guidelines.

We at All Souls as an Anglican Church are delighted when any couple wishes to pledge their love, trust, and fidelity to each other before God and in the presence of their friends and family. The clergy at All Souls are here to help you plan a service that reflects you and your partner's dreams, vision and values. Anglican clergy are not yet authorised to conduct marriage ceremonies for same-gender couples. However, we are able and delighted, to offer a blessing ceremony to a  couple who have already been married in a civil ceremony. Our vicar would be happy to talk with you about having your relationship blessed. This is your day and we are here to help you along the way. We can accommodate any budget no matter how small, so do get in contact with us.


Of all human events, death concerns us the most deeply. When death approaches, whether it be our own or that of someone close to us, the lives of everyone involved are forever changed. When a loved one dies, we may experience a range of emotions from loss and shock to relief and grief. Great grief comes with great love, and the loss of a loved one is not something that disappears after a funeral. However, a funeral is important as a way for us to place those we love into God’s tender care. God's love continues through our loss and in our grieving. The funeral service aims to strengthen our assurance of this.In a funeral there is comfort for those who mourn, the commendation to God of the person who has died, and the committal of the body for burial or cremation. After the funeral, there is provision in the home for beginning a new life; committal of ashes after a cremation; and prayers at the anniversary or the unveiling of a memorial.At a time of loss it can be helpful to have the support of a church community. We'd be honoured to help you when in mourning, planning your loved one’s farewell or negotiating the grieving process. All Souls Church is available for funeral services. We also have modern facilities for refreshments after the funeral service.


Our worship space is the perfect venue for any musical moment, be it a concert, recital or requiem! Incredible acoustics and a state of the art sound system means your musical event can be beautifully recorded. The space can host up to 200 guests, with the ability to flow out into the foyer for refreshments.The space includes a grand piano and organ.We can provide a person to run the audio-visual system for an additional cost, or you can choose to do it yourself.

Room Hire

We are happy to work with you and your budget if you would like to hold an event at our Church. If you would like to hire any or all of our spaces, or have any questions, please contact the office at for more information.

Special Events

Special Events are listed here and on our Facebook page.


This is our unashamedly traditional service which uses the Anglican New Zealand Prayer Book with hymns. It includes activity packs for children. After our service you are welcome to join us for morning tea.


Begins June 9. This is our relaxed family-friendly service for whānau of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your family looks like you are welcome here. We are currently in an exploration phase as we trial different things to get a feel for what best suits this space.


A gathering that starts with a light brunch-style meal and includes faith discussion. All are welcome to be part of this collaborative style of worship. 

1st Sunday of month Feb to Nov

Taizé service.  We ask that you arrive and leave in silence. A contemplative service in the circular chapel.


An intimate service with strong fellowship, this service uses the Anglican New Zealand Prayer Book and traditional hymns with organ accompaniment. We have morning tea together afterwards every week. 



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