All Welcome

Love your neighbour as yourself

All Souls is a public facility. To keep everyone safe under the government mandated traffic light setting, we require you to:

- show your My Vaccine Pass when entering the buildings

- wear you mask

- scan or sign in on arrival OR scan the QR code on the bulletin sheet, and

- follow social distancing rules.

(Info about the government's requirements can be viewed at

Christ also mandates that we love our neighbour as ourselves; in this pandemic context we encourage you to show care and concern for all, regardless of their vaccination status or views.  

January service times

Sundays - one service only on Sundays in January. Combined service at 10am.

Wednesdays - 10am services have resumed.

Morning Prayer has resumed as usual: Monday to Friday, live at 8am on our Facebook page or watch at your convenience. 

January office hours

Hours: 8.30am to 12.30am

In February, the hours revert to usual:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 am until 2:00 pm

Thursday 9:30 am until 1:30 pm

The Corner community hub

St Albans Corner has started for the year. Merivale Corner is running its community room activities; hall-based activities are due to start from Monday 31st January.

A community hub (The Merivale Corner) operates out of All Souls, to connect people in the wider Merivale-St Albans area. Other community activities are coordinated by The Corner St Albans and held at the community centre at 1049 Colombo Street. See here for details.

Sunday worship - watch online

January Service Times

All in-person services require a My Vaccine Pass and mask.

Sundays throughout January, one  service only at 10am.

Wednesday 10am service.

Morning Prayer 8am Monday to Friday (watch live online or recorded) on Facebook.

You will find within our community a sense of welcome, and that all are valued at the table of Christ.

The parish of Merivale - St Albans is a growing and inclusive Anglican faith community. Our purpose is to serve and heal the world by building neighbourhoods that live out the Gospel imperative to love and care. For us, this means creating a loving family of faith. We are guided by our core values: faith, integrity, inclusiveness, compassion, social justice and stewardship. Members come from Christchurch and surrounding areas to form a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse congregation.

We welcome all people, regardless of who someone has been, is currently, or will be. You are welcome regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, rich or poor, adult or child, healthy or ill, educated or uneducated, a parent or without children, broken or healed; and we invite you to join our family.


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