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How to Join us on Zoom

To join us on Zoom, go to the Zoom Webpage: and click "Join Meeting".

After clicking “Join Meeting” on the Zoom website, enter the correct meeting number and follow the prompted steps to join the meeting.

These are all the meeting numbers you will need to join Zoom Meetings. 

Meeting NameMeeting NumberMeeting Time
After Church Community Catch Up   915 592 563  Sunday at 11.00am
A Cup of Tea With the Vicar       122 741 724        Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11.00am
ChitChat with Bridie   209 544 701    By Request
Children,Youth, Family Group                  245 051 323     Thursday at 6.00pm


Please reach out to us to be a part of our online services and phone tree. We hope to support you all and keep connection, communication and faith going in this difficult time. 

If you need food, medication, or a phonecall during isolation please email or sign up here

Covid-19 Updates

Letter from the Vicar

Good Afternoon Church,

I wanted to share with you where All Souls stands at this confusing, Level 2, time.

As you know, we are now legally permitted to hold gatherings – but only of ten people. (Actually 9, when I am factored-in.) This makes it impossible for us to have “normal” services. We also wanted to avoid the inevitable stress, sadness and disappointment that would result from having to make decisions on who would attend each service, no matter how “fair” and compassionate.

I know how much many of you are looking to returning to worshipping in fellowship with our community. However, the health of our congregation, particularly those who are vulnerable, and that of their friends and family must come first. Above all we want to be confident that when do welcome you back, it will be to a safe environment.

We will be remaining closed until at least May 18th, when this decision will be reviewed again. By then we will have clearer Diocesan guidelines and we will know what our bishop suggests. At a national level, the Anglican Church is petitioning Government on Level 2 conditions and requirements. If there are any changes in response to the Church’s approach we will let you all know on Tuesday 19th May.

In preparation for your return in the near future, we are having the building thoroughly cleaned and any surfaces which could harbour any virus, disinfected.

Rory, Cameron, Geoff and I, along with Bridie, our musical director Matthew, and our organist, Sue, are as eager to resume services and joyful worship with you as you are to return. We just want you all to be able to join us. So, we ask for your patience for just a little longer.

This Sunday we plan to create a service for you on-line that will bridge the gap between what we have done so far, and what will be possible when we are truly all together. You can join that service via Facebook at 9:00 am and via the website, at 10:30 am.

I pray you feel God’s sustaining presence with you and those whom you are close to,

Rev Megan

You will find within our community a sense of welcome, and that all are valued at the table of Christ.

The parish of Merivale - St Albans is a growing and inclusive Anglican faith community. Our purpose is to serve and heal the world by building neighbourhoods that live out the Gospel imperative to love and care. For us, this means creating a loving family of faith. We are guided by our core values: faith, integrity, inclusiveness, compassion, social justice and stewardship. Members come from Christchurch and surrounding areas to form a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse congregation.

We welcome all people, regardless of who someone has been, is currently, or will be. You are welcome regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, rich or poor, adult or child, healthy or ill, educated or uneducated, a parent or without children, broken or healed; and we invite you to join our family.

Our Weekly Services are online due to COVID-19.

New Initiatives

As we enter an unstable and uncertain time, we will be launching new initiatives including online services and new forms of ministry. Watch this space over the next few weeks for details.


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