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Peace Be With You - Welcome to All Souls

In light of the recent attacks in our city, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do.

We know that food is helpful at this time - if you would like to bake anything or cook anything (without meat) then this would be much appreciated. Bring any such meals / food into the office (30 Church Lane) food and we can arrange it to be taken where it needs.

You are welcome at any time to come into church for quiet, for peace, for prayer. Light a candle to honour those who have been tragically taken away from us.

Beloved God We are not as we were the before the brutality of the world settled in beside us and a new lament arises in our city.  “O Dear God.” Remind us of the words of our faith carried on the lips of angels and prophets ‘Do not be afraid’.  Do not be frozen, or frantic. Do not let hate replace fear.

Instead help us to be a people that chooses to move closer to love. Closer to the stranger in grief, closer to one another, closer to God.

 For ours is a faith based on hope - a hope embedded in the death and resurrection of Christ, and therefore a hope that exists in both darkness and in light, for that is where Christ is found. 

 Help us to pick up the hope that fell to the ground as people fled in panic, and to hold that dropped hope close. To nurture it in words of comfort and acts of kindness, until the day comes when those whom lost it, may reach out and claim hope once more.

So let the fear we clutch move through us and out. Let the tears of lament flow for they have their place,  pray that the anger which rises may fall, and let the peace of God, the shalom of God, the As-salāmu ʿalaykum of God, raise us above our earthly grief, so that we may this day, be a people who loves boldly and without discrimination and offers the peace of God in abundance.

 Peace Be With You. Amen

 We are an Anglican church in central Christchurch, Merivale/St Albans. As a faith community, we are excited about what God has done through us over the years and even more excited about the years ahead!

Please have a browse around this website where you can access lots of info about All Souls, our vision and mission, how All Souls is blessing and serving our local community, who is part of the leadership and how you can support us financially. Come along and meet us some time.

Our services take place Sundays at 8:00 am, 9:30 am and 11:00 am. We hold a mid-week service on Wednesday mornings at 10:00 am For more information and weekday services, look under the events page.


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