All our groups are suspended due to COVID-19

Please reach out to us to be a part of our online services and phone tree. We hope to support you all and keep connection, communication and faith going in this difficult time. 

If you need food, medication, or a phonecall during isolation please email or sign up here

Covid-19 Updates

COVID-19 & Church


Please do not come to the Church, as we are not an essential service we have shut our physical building. However, we are moving online, so please email or call us so we can keep in touch with you.

Key Contact Details

Reverend Megan Herles Mooar, Vicar  Phone: 02102546956  Email:

Reverend Cameron PickeringCurate Phone: 0277370618   Email:

Bridie Boyd, Website/ Isolation Deliveries  Phone: 0223154991 Email:

COVID-19 & You

We will be offering full worship services online once a week. We will also be offering the daily office digitally. These will be using the platform Zoom. For help setting up Zoom, please contact 

All livestreamed services will also be recorded for people who wish to view at a later time. 

All Souls will continue to serve the community during this difficult time. Please send us an email at to join a phone tree. This will mean you are contacted regularly during the shutdown. 

We also hope to help deliver food and medication to those in isolation who have no other forms of support. Please sign up here

Pastoral support will be available via phone, email, and videocalls. 

Please stay safe and reach out to us if you need help. 

If you would like to help us we need...

- People to join the phone tree. Keeping communications open and socialising over the phone will be vital to support everyone's mental health during this time. Joining the phone tree means you have a certain number of people to call and check in on over the phone. Good for you and them!

- Help with our blog. Our blog will be how we provide resources and support to many people. If you can write something helpful (such as prayers, ideas of things to do in the shut down, or advice on ways to stay social when we cannot meet), produce a nice photo or piece of poetry, or even record yourself reciting a psalm or prayer, then we need you! Submit your pieces to

- Runners. We need people who are able to do the grocery shopping and pharmaceutica pick ups for those in isolation, over 70, or with compromised immune systems. Please email if you can help with this.

- Prayers! We appreciate your prayers at this time, and so does the world. Please help us by forming or continuing your prayer life. We all will be better for it. 

You will find within our community a sense of welcome, and that all are valued at the table of Christ.

The parish of Merivale - St Albans is a growing and inclusive Anglican faith community. Our purpose is to serve and heal the world by building neighbourhoods that live out the Gospel imperative to love and care. For us, this means creating a loving family of faith. We are guided by our core values: faith, integrity, inclusiveness, compassion, social justice and stewardship. Members come from Christchurch and surrounding areas to form a racially, ethnically, and economically diverse congregation.

We welcome all people, regardless of who someone has been, is currently, or will be. You are welcome regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, rich or poor, adult or child, healthy or ill, educated or uneducated, a parent or without children, broken or healed; and we invite you to join our family.

Our Weekly Services are suspended due to COVID-19.

New Initiatives

As we enter an unstable and uncertain time, we will be launching new initiatives including online services and new forms of ministry. Watch this space over the next few weeks for details.


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