Isolation Deliveries

Bridie Boyd

We want to help!

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we want to help those of you who are over 70, have compromised immune systems or are in isolation for any reason. 

We can get groceries and pick up prescriptions for you and leave them on your doorstep. No contact needed!

How will this work?

To get started fill our this form here. Alternately you can ring 03 355 3287 or email boyd.bridie@gmail.com

We will then contact you to confirm everything.

Once your confirmed, we will contact you every few days to see if you need supplies. If you need them sooner, you can ring or email us to let us know. 

If you do need supplies, we will then go and pick them up. We then drop them to you. We will put them on your doorstep, move away and ring you to ensure you know they are there, and can open the door to collect them. You can leave payment on the doorstep, or transfer it to us via internet banking. We are also exploring contactless eftpos machines, but that is still in the works. 

We also hope to include a homecooked meal with each delivery.

At every stage we will take precautions to not spread COVID-19. No one who is unwell will be involved at any stage. 

We also can put you on our phone tree, so that you have social connection while in isolation. Please email info@allsouls.org.nz to get put on that. 


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