Prayers for the Community

Laura Murray

Prayers for the All Souls Family

Dear All Souls,

In light of recent updates following the unfortunate Covid-19 Pandemic, I felt compelled to submit a prayer for the members and Clergy of All Souls Parish. 

Our, Dear Holy Father in Heaven,

My heart goes out to you as I humbly ask you for these favours today. I am still a new member to All Souls, however, I feel I have found my new spiritual home filled with loving, homely people. I pray that, especially in this time of crisis, and always, that you keep our members safe and in good physical, mental and spiritual health. 

I pray, especially, for those most at risk. Those who are elderly, young and those with compromised immune systems. I pray that in these isolating times, all their needs are met with quickness and efficiency. That we may unite together as a family and offer service to each other. That we may stay connected, so that no one feels lonely or forgotten. 

I pray, O’ Lord, for the family members of the parish and clergy. That they may remain in good health and if affected by the virus, directly or indirectly, that they are urgently given the resources to receive the healing and the protection you offer us. 

I pray for those suffering with decreased mental health and other ailments that may be triggered or affecting to them in this time of vulnerability. That they have the support they need from us and those around them. I ask you, Heavenly Father, that you remind them to reach out to us for help and to their members of friends and family without hesitancy, and know that they are loved greatly and never forgotten by You. 

I pray that we may have easy access to all important facilities, food, water, health services, medical care, veterinary services and all other necessary services we may require. 

I pray that in the time that our parish remains closed, that we all still feel our strong connection to You, Our God. That we may still feel your abundant, everlasting love, forgiveness, compassion and protection. That those of us who may feel further from You, are once again connected in your embrace and reminded of your never failing love. 

I pray that our members of our clergy and leadership remain healthy, happy and spiritually sound. I pray, especially, for Megan, Cameron, Rory, Bridie, Murray, our members in music who sing faithfully in Your Name and all those who also offer their service of leadership in honour of You and our church. I also ask You to please remind them that we, as members, are also there for them as they are there for us, and that without hesitation, should they need help with anything that they ask us. This is so important, My Lord, because we need to support our leaders as well and I ask that they feel able to come to their spiritual family when in need. 

I pray that the members of the parish who are able still find ways to support our building in any way that they can. 

I also pray for all the churches of Christchurch, our home, and those in other parts of New Zealand and across the world that they may also receive the same blessings that I ask here today. I also pray for those outside of Christianity, that they may receive all these blessings, too. 

I pray for all countries affected by Coronavirus and especially those affected in higher volumes with devastating effects. I pray that our leaders, religious, political and otherwise remain healthy. I pray for all of your creation in the world and especially those most vulnerable and voiceless, such as our beautiful animals who you have asked us to care for. That we may have the resources to continue doing so in these times.

I give you thanks and praise in all that You do for us. I offer you my heart and life, My Lord, that you may know our thankfulness and appreciation for all that You do for us. I thank you so much for all your blessings and for giving us your wonderful, perfect Son, Jesus Christ.

In His name, I pray.



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