How to Join Us on Zoom

How to Join us on Zoom

To join us on Zoom, go to the Zoom Webpage: https://zoom.us/ and click "Join Meeting".

After clicking “Join Meeting” on the Zoom website, enter the correct meeting number and follow the prompted steps to join the meeting.

These are all the meeting numbers you will need to join Zoom Meetings. 

Meeting NameMeeting NumberMeeting Time
After Church Community Catch Up915 592 563 Sunday at 11.00am
A Cup of Tea With the Vicar  122 741 724   Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 11.00am
ChitChat with Bridie   209 544 701Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 3.30pm
Youth Group         245 051 323   Thursday at 6.30pm

A PDF of the Zoom Meeting Numbers and a PDF of a Step by Step Zoom Guide are available for download below.


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