19/04/2020 Worship

Rev'd Megan Herles Mooar and Rev'd Cameron Pickering

Join us for Worship

Sunday Worship Service

Dear All,
Please join us for our Sunday Morning Worship. The video above will go live at 8.00am, or you can click this link to watch it. 


Feel free to watch it in your own time.

We encourage you to join in all the responses, which appear in blue on the screen. 

Afterward, at 11.00am, please join us for a cup of tea on Zoom. This will be a live session, but will not be recorded, so we can all chat freely. To join us on Zoom, go to the Zoom Webpage: https://zoom.us/ and click "Join Meeting". Then enter the number 915 592 563  and follow the prompts on screen.
If you get stuck accessing Zoom, please text or call 0223154991 or 02102546956 for help. 
For health and safety purposes, we have recorded the Morning Service in a way that means it can be viewed by others at any time. If we did a recorded live steam, we would need to get permission from every attendant to put it up online for others to view it later. To attend a service live, please join us for Morning and Midday prayer Monday-Friday on Facebook. 
So looking forward to seeing you all,
Megan and Cameron


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