Children's Church at Home 26.04.20

Rev'd Megan Herles Mooar, Mia Wright and Bridie Boyd

Welcome to Children's Church

This week we are looking at helping others, and finding our own way in the world. 

We encourage you to colour in the Giraffe picture below. Download it, print it and make it your own! Heaps of colour and glitter are encouraged. Finished pictures that are shown to Bridie get a chocolate prize!

We also ask for videos of you and your parents dancing to a song of your choice!

If you watch this Sunday Morning, come and tell us about what song you would dance to at our 11.00am Zoom Meeting 

To join us on Zoom, go to the Zoom Webpage: https://zoom.us/ and click "Join Meeting".
After clicking “Join Meeting” on the Zoom website, enter the correct meeting number and follow the prompted steps to join the meeting.

After Church Community Catch Up   Meeting ID: 915 592 563  


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