Children's Church at Home 10/05/20

Rev'd Megan Herles Mooar and Bridie Boyd

Why God Loves Children Part One

Why God Loves Children Part One

Hi Lovelies! 

This is the first week in our series Why God Loves Children Part One. We are looking at Children as models of good behaviour, and that God has a place for us all in God's home. 

This week we have a whole heap of activities for you!

All Soul's Activities

1) Teach adults to share! Practice sharing in your home this week.

2) Design your dream bedroom, the one you would like in God's house. Draw it on an A4 piece of paper, use as much glitter and colour as you can!

3) Think about those you can share with, those who are in need. Think about what you could give to them.

Mothers Day Activities

Make a card using fingerprints (felt tips and ink) as flowers (Print out the Card below)

Make Mum some vouchers to help her around the house https://static.onecms.io/wp-co...

Diocesan Activity



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