He is risen!

The Lord is Risen! Alleluia!

Rev Geoff Haworth highlights the impact of Easter, from the writings of Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne:

"The resurrection of Christ … is of consequence for all on the earth. Whether people know it or not,
It is a cosmically significant event that leaves nothing unchanged in God’s dealing with humanity.
This is the news that we are called to live in the world through the renewed community of the church and tell the world through our words and acts of witness.

God invites us to see the present reality of the divine love in all of our circumstances, and to be open to the new beginnings that God has prepared for all who follow him. Those things that have looked like blind alleys or closed doors, open to reveal the path for us to walk in companionship with Christ.
In baptism we have died with Christ. Participation in Christ’s death is in the past tense: participation in his resurrection is in the future. We need to keep our eyes open wide for what the Lord is doing in our lives – to learn to hear his voice, to know his directions that we can take in our lives. This is th e unfolding journey of discipleship that each of us continues on ….In the unknown future, we can be certain of only one thing – God’s love and presence. As we walk this journey with Christ we need the disciplines of prayer, the worship of the gathered community and our devotional reading of scripture to equip us with the certainty of God’s presence.

At the empty tomb, Jesus entrusted Mary Magdalene to go to his disciples with the news that he was risen from the dead. At Easter, we who belong to the company of the baptised are commanded to bring this same great news to our troubled world."
- Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne, in “At the Foot of the Cross”.


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