Leadership and Management at All Souls

The following outlines the leadership and management teams and structures at All Souls Anglican Church. All Souls grew out of two churches St Matthew's, St Albans and St Mary's, Merivale) coming together in 2013. We are growing as a church that seeks to engage in mission and discipleship. As the ministry has evolved, so have the leadership structures, moving towards teams of people who share leadership and management responsibilities in a number of different areas.

Rev'd Megan Herles-Mooar

Megan was initially appointed as the transitional Priest to lead All Souls in 2010 and has now been appointed as Vicar. As the church people come together at the new worship centre in Merivale, they have been excited to see others step up to join them in listening to God and leading the All Souls faith community.


The Churchwardens are members of Vestry who have additional leadership responsibility in the Parish. They have full involvement in church life, a wide knowledge of how the parish works, and are willing to step in to help when needed and have good sense and judgement.

Our Wardens are ...

Lorraine Sharr: People's Warden

Murray Bladen: Vicar's Warden


Vestry members are a group of individuals who are …

  • United in the Holy Spirit

  • Supportive encouragers and co-workers with the clergy

  • Responsible for oversight of the church’s operations

  • The spiritual leadership of the parish

  • Informed about the parish and life of the wider church.

Vestry members are called to ...

  • Spend time in prayer

  • Listen to each other and to parishioners

  • Inform the whole parish of its business and decisions

  • Arrive at unified decisions while aiming for consensus

  • Delegate in order to use the gifts of all.

Our Vestry Team ...

Rev. Megan Herles-Mooar, Rev. Rory Redmayne, Rev. Toby Behan, Murray Bladen, Angela Brooke, Theresa Buller, Patrick Dolan, Dudley Johnson, Kerry Kearney, Jane Pinney, Lorraine Sharr, Victoria Wales, Margaret Yorke